Medicinal plants and herbs

At the end of the second five-drop week, the treatment is ended. You may be interested in this book from m : Plantas Medicinales de mexico/Medical Plants of Mexico).

medicinal plants and herbs
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Sauco : (elderberry, sambucus mexicana for the cough, make a tea from the boiled flowers Tejocote : (hawthorn, Crataegus mexicana to "flush out the kidneys boil the root in water and drink the tea tepopote : (Mormon tea, ephedra antisyphilitica a tea from the boiled. for coughs, a tea brewed from the boiled flowers is drunk uña de gato : (pisonia, pisonia aculeata several plants go by this name, but for this one, a member of the four o'clock family, drink tea from boiled leaves and bark to ease arthritic. Anyone seeing the number of stalls a good-size mercado devotes to ajo :, or garlic, will be impressed by how important Mexicans seem to regard this bulb. Most garlic of course is destined for culinary use, but the traditional Mexican pharmacopoeia also grants garlic an eminent place. Garlic juice is applied to scorpion stings and spider bites. Garlic taken internally is regarded by many as a stimulant to the body in general, and traditionally has been used to control hypertension and arteriosclerosis. For these latter purposes several cloves are mashed, the paste is placed in a glass, and just enough drinking alcohol is added to cover. Every day for a week the glass's ribben contents is stirred. Finally it is strained, and then after every meal five drops are taken. The next week the dosage is doubled, and every week this doubling is continued, until arriving at twenty drops per dosage. After a week of twenty drops, the dosage is diminished to fifteen drops for a week, and then ten and five drops on subsequent weeks.

medicinal plants and herbs
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brewed teas of the stems are diuretic, and have been used against dysentery and gonorrhea culantrillo : (maidenhair fern, Adiantum capillu s to "thin the blood for constipation, liver problems, and kidney stones, boil about 5 grams thrombophlebitis in half a liter of water, and take. Encino : (oak, quercus spp. for diarrhea, drink tea made from boiling the tree's bark gordolobo : ( cudweed Gnaphalium spp. a handful of this weedy herb brewed in a pot of water is very much used against coughs and sore throats. Guamúchil : (Manila tamarind, pithecellobium dulce for diarrhea, bloody and otherwise, boil bark from the root and drink hierba de la golondrina : (spurge, euphorbia spp white latex from the plant is famed for curing "spots on the eye" Lantén : (plantain, Plantago spp. for burns, bruises, and mouth sores, boil 100 grams of leaves in 500 ml of water, and wash the affected area magnolia : (magnolia, talauma mexicana a tea from the bark serves as a general tonic, but too much causes the heart to beat irregularly. several different plants are called ortiga, but the roots of this one are used against venereal diseases Palo dulce : (eysenhardtia, eysenhardtia polystachya for kidney problems, place wood chips into water, and when the water turns blue, then red or amber, drink pata de león. an infusion of this herb is added to the bath water of babies to rid them of the rash; the brew is also good for washing wounds. Pingüica : (manzanita, arctostaphylos pungens for kidney problems, drink a tea made from boiled leaves and fruits Romero : (rosemary, rosmarinus officinalis to improve the digestion, drink a tea made of the boiled leaves Ruda :, (rue, ruta graveolens highly regarded for its abilities.

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Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (12) Fenugreek new! Fenugreek has a long and rich history as an essential culinary herb in India and the middle east Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 feverfew A fantastic stress relieving medicinal herb, feverfew is also a beautiful bloomer that works well in arrangements. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 Germander 'Upright' germander is a wonderful evergreen shrub that works well as both a small hedge or a ground cover. Wonderful for preventing erosion! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (4) Horehound A potent medicinal herb for treating respiratory infections, horehound's fuzzy leaves are beautiful in the garden. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Hypericum 'St Johns Wort' St John's wort is most widely known as an herbal treatment for depression. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Hyssop Hyssop beautiful bloomer that will flower all summer long and attract lots of helpful bees and butterflies to the garden! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 joe pye weed joe pye weed is definitely not a weed, but a beautiful, aromatic perennial herb.

medicinal plants and herbs
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Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Chives A more subtle flavor than its cousin, the onion, Chives are easy to grow and contain natural antioxidants. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Cilantro cilantro is what a zesty culinary herb found throughout Mexican and Asian cuisine, and it's great for your health! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Comfrey 'common' Also referred to as Knitbone as it is used to reduce inflammation of sprains and broken bones. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (25) Costmary costmary is commonly known as 'bible leaf' for its historic dysplastischer use as an aromatic pest-repelling bookmark in Bibles. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (3) Cumin new! Cumin has a rich and distinct flavor an essential ingredient in curries and other dishes.

Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 Curry new! Curry is admired for it foliage, bright blooms and spicy fragrance. It is a natural pest repellent plant and deer resistant! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 Cutting Celery cutting Celery is a more flavorful alternative to its crunchier cousin! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Dill 'bouquet' dill is a tangy culinary herb that also has a versatile history as a medicinal herb! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Echinacea, purple coneflower A lovely native perennial herb with long blooming flowers Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Eucalyptus 'silver Drop' This is a wonderfully aromatic and more cold tolerant variety of Eucalyptus.

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Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Basil Tulsi holy Green The authentic Tulsi (Holy) Basil used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (10) bay trees laurus Nobilis is commonly known as bay laurel or Sweet bay, this savory culinary herb is a must for any chef! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (22) Bergamot (bee balm) 2013 Notable native herb by the herb Society of America, we're honored to be their exclusive grower! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (5) Betony well known for its medicinal benefits and beauty in the garden, this tisane is caffeine free and can ease headaches. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Brahmi bacopa is most widely known as an herbal treatment to promote mental well being.

Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (4) Cat Grass give your indoor kitties a healthy alternative to nibbling on harmful houseplants with our nutritious cat grass! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (1) Catmint Easy to grow, your kitties will love this hardy perennial, whether fresh or dried! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (4) Catnip Catnip is a vigorous, high yielding plant that your kitty will love! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (2) Catnip 'lemon' This lemon-scented Catnip will drive your kitties wild! It's even a natural insect repellent! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 Chamomile 'roman' This perennial variety makes a wonderful ground cover, a soothing tea and a great skin treatment for sunburns! Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 (3) Chervil Chervil lends a light anise flavor to dishes and is a key ingredient in French cuisine!

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Our Price:.95 (3 artemisia 'wormwood'. A bushy, woody-based perennial grown for its aromatic silvery foliage. Our Price:.95 (2 asclepias 'tuberosa extremely attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. Our Price:.95 (3 asclepias incarnata, nEW! Swamp Milkweed (aka rose) is a lovely us native that is a popular pollinator plant. Our Price:.95 Asclepias syriaca new! Aka 'common Milkweed is the only wat source of food for the monarch butterfly. Order Now, Ships Fall Our Price:.95 Ashwagandha One of the most basisverzekering potent medicinal herb in ayurvedic medicine, also known as Winter Cherry.

medicinal plants and herbs
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They will have good top growth unless they are coming in or out of dormancy. We grow all of our plants to the point that they are ready to go into the ground or container. Sort By: Price: Low to highPrice: High to lowMost 120 per page240 per page480 per page. Page of 1, achillea millefolium (Yarrow beautiful in dried bouquets perfect companion plant in the garden! Order Now, Ships Fall. Our Price:.95 (3 agrimony, agrimony is a wonderful hardy perennial herb from Europe with healing properties. Aloe vera, an easy to grow succulent widely used medicinal jeuk herb known for its healing properties. Our Price:.95 (3 arnica, arnica, also known as leopard's Bane, is a wonderful medicinal herb plant.

Herbal plants have been used for centuries to cure all sorts of ailments. And, even though modern medicine has improved our lives considerably, both modern medicine and alternative medicine still rely on the age-old healing properties found in medicinal herbs. The Growers Exchange has a wide selection of medicinal herb plants - take you a look through our virtual 'aisles' for the herbs that you need. Please note that all information presented is based on research of the historical uses of the herbs we sell. We are not providing our customers with medical advice, therefore consult a doctor or reputable herbalist before using any herb for medical purposes. Please note: we sell herb plants, not seeds. Our plants are big, healthy, well rooted and ready to plant - our standard pot.5 inches. We do not ship our plants until they are root ready.

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Altea : (plantain, Plantago spp. for dysentery, cook the root in rice. Añil : (indigo, indigofera suffruticosa fysiotherapie for children's headaches, boil leaves until soft, then apply the leaves like a bandage to the forehead. Arnica : (golden aster, heterotheca inuloides for bruises, boil the flower heads into a mass, and apply. Borraja : (borage, borago officinalis for bronchitis and fevers, boil 10 grams of flowers and young leaves in a liter of water, and drink the tea. Cedrón : (lemon verbena, aloysia triphylla tea from the boiled leaves, taken while fasting, regularizes the menstrual flow, and expels worms. Chicalote : (prickly poppy, argemone ochroleuca for stomach pain, mash 4 grams of seeds in 200 cc of water, take two or three times a day. Clavellina : (ceiba, bombax palmeri for skin wounds, roast and grind the bark, and apply. Codo de fraile : (oleander, Thevetia thevetioides for hemorrhoids, mash seeds, mix in lard, and apply cola de caballo : (horsetail, Equisetum spp.

traditional cures, either because they believe in the cures, or because that's all they can afford. When you study mexican herbal remedies, notice how often the doctrine of Signatures is in evidence. This is the principle that a plant indicates its use for human beings by its shape, behavior, odor, or some other natural feature. Thus an infusion of doradilla, the little resurrection plant growing on rocks and perhaps giving the impression that is breaking up the rock, is used traditionally by mexicans to break up kidney and gall stones. Hierba de la golondrina, a euphorbia with milky-white latex oozing from any breaks inflicted on its skin, is used to cure eye diseases of the sort characterized by a milky opaqueness spreading across the lens. Finally, please heed this warning: do not experiment with these. Very often an herb that is medicinal in one dosage is poisonous in others. Some of these herbs are extremely potent! Aguacate: ( avocado, persea americana for intestinal worms, grate 8 to 10 grams of fresh avocado-pit rind into a glass of water, and the next day sweeten it, drink, and eat nothing.
Medicinal plants and herbs
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    Healing, herbs and, medicinal Plants. Welcome to, herbs, list. Please read: This website is for the presentation of the historical uses of herbs and.

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    Here s an A to z guide to the medicinal herbs that relieve common ailments like indigestion, stress. Harvest the young leaves of this annual plant as needed. This is a list of plants used or formerly used as herbal medicine. The ability to synthesize a wide variety of chemical compounds that are used to perform.

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